Security Manager

The Security Manager is designed to manage all security-related actions in Enterprise Enabler (EE). Such actions include permissions (or privileges), setting up users, defining groups, and assigning roles to users of the system.  Access to all capabilities of the system is managed in a group security hierarchy. A System Administrator manages all aspects of EE, such as creating new groups, assigning Group Administrators, adding new users to the system, and modifying user security information. Group Administrators oversee security aspects for a particular group, granting permission for EE users to access objects owned by the group.

To access the Security Manager window go to the Tools menu –> Security Manager. The following screenshot shows the main Security Manager Window:

Security Manager

To log into Enterprise Enabler, you must have a unique User Id and a Password. Once inside the system, you must also have permissions (or access privileges) to perform different functions, such as editing a template or running an Aii. The list of permissions is available from the Security Manager screen. These are assigned to a user by the System Administrator or a Group Administrator. A user can belong to more than one group and can perform multiple roles, such as group administrator or business owner. However, they can only work with objects that are associated with the groups to which they are assigned.

At a minimum, belonging to a group provides View access to objects within that group. Additional permissions must be granted if a user is to have the authority to Create or Edit objects in a group.

For examples on how to create an manage users, click on the links on the menu to the right. –>