Deploying EE Objects


a)  Go to the Server menu – > Deployment Manager.

b)  Right-Click on the object you want to deploy and click on the Deploy option.  You can also select the object you want to deploy and click on the forward arrow (highlighted in a green rectangle below). In this example, the object we are deploying is named emsemployeestest.

Deployment Manager Deploy

c)  If the object being deployed has any dependencies, the “Dependent Objects” window will pop up asking you to deploy all dependencies along with that objects, just click on the OK button to deploy them all.

Deployment Manager Dependencies

d)  After the server list refreshes (it does so automatically after deploying), verify that your newly deployed objects are there.

Deployment Manager Deployed

NOTE: Remember that different objects in EE work differently after being deployed. Services created by EMS Definitions start running as soon as the EMS Definition is deployed. Services created by Processes however, do not start running right after being deployed, they start running after the process is enabled in the Process Manager. Please refer to the Process Monitor topic in the Documentation section at the top menu to learn about enabling/disabling processes.