Process Monitor

The Process Manager provides monitoring and enabling of processes created in Enterprise Enabler. It gives end users real-time visibility of the process and their current status with the ability to abort a running process. Enabling and disabling of processes for a particular process can be done using this interface.

To open the Process Manager go to the Server menu –> Process Manager.

Process Monitor

Process List: Lists all the available process in the system. It displays the name of the process, its category, and whether that process is currently enabled or disabled (trigger status). Clicking on a process highlights the “Enable” or “Disable” buttons depending on the process’ trigger status. The enable trigger button starts the process’ trigger. The disable trigger button stops the process’ trigger.

Execution Tracking: Lists all currently active processes with the current status. Each process is automatically dropped from the tracking list 60 seconds after it has reached a final status (i.e. completed, error etc.)

To enable a deployed process in this window, just click on it, and click on the Enable button. Likewise, to disable a deployed and enabled process, just click on it and click on the Disable button.

Process Manager Enable