(Application Communication Handlers)

This chapter contains descriptive as well as usage information for all the Application Communication Handlers (AppComms) found in Enterprise Enabler. The term “adapter” is widely used to mean a system’s knowledge of how to connect and move data in and out of various software applications or data formats. Usually, they are billed as more or less “plug and play” modules; however, in reality, it is not that simple. EE has a slightly different concept for adapters (AppComms) that allow for completely GUI driven definitions using the Aii Designer module in Enterprise Enabler.

To access any AppComm in Enterprise Enabler just go to the File menu –> New –> Template –> Source Template, and the list of available AppComms will drop down. Just click on the AppComm of your choice.

EE AppComms


–> We recommend you have a Named Connection previously created (if the AppComm can consume a connection) for the AppComm your are going to use.

–> The list of AppComms for Destination Templates will be the same as the one for Source Templates.

–> For Information on how to create a named connection, refer to the AppComm Connection Manager.

–> For information on how to add new AppComms, refer to the Add-in Manager.

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