(Integration Integrity Manager)

Enterprise Enabler’s Integration Integrity Manager (IIM) allows for data verification before integrating to make sure your integration does not break due to changes in the data sources.

An integrated environment implies complex interdependencies. Any time someone makes a change, the Integration Integrity Manager (IIM) prevents the catastrophic side effects of crashing systems because of bad decisions resulting from bad information.

The IIM performs impact analysis every time any change is detected in an application, data source, business process, or element of integration—such as interfaces, schedules, business rules, etc.

–> Once the potentially impacted elements are identified, the IIM starts up its workflow management process that notifies the owners, with detailed information.

–> The owner either notifies the IIM that the change is OK or makes a change in his object to accommodate.

–> All changes are held pending until completely resolved, then are automatically rolled out in appropriate order.

The Integration Integrity Manager is designed to help ensure the integrity of the integration with respect to business processes and system impact. If there is a change in data or in an application, the IIM will make sure that the affected people, processes and systems are appropriately notified, and that the rollout of change is sequenced and managed carefully.

Leveraging the integrated metadata stack, the patented IIM ensures that any changes applied to the integration will not cause a conflict with any other object in the stack. For example, if any of the data being accessed is changed, and that template is used other places, it validates that the change will not impact another use. If the IIM discovers that it will, it prohibits saving/deploying the change, and presents the information of exactly what would be impacted and how. The IIM also monitors endpoints for change at integration touch points. If a change is made to a field data type in a database, for example, it is automatically detected and a notification is sent identifying the change and the impacted integration objects.

To access the Integration Integrity Manager go to the Server menu –> IIM Notification Manager.

IIM Notification Manager