How to use this Documentation Site

This User’s Guide is written so that both novice users and more advanced users can learn to use Enterprise Enabler efficiently.

Each section contains a page that provides an overview of the Enterprise Enabler component being covered, as well as its terms and definitions. Chapters may also contain a tutorial that demonstrates the basic uses of that Enterprise Enabler feature, with easy step-by-step instructions often illustrated by screenshots and occasionally by video.  Where applicable, after the Tutorial section, you will find a section that discusses Advanced Topics.

Additionally, each page contains a dynamic menu column located to the right. This menu column will show you links that are closely related to the topic you are currently looking at.

For your convenience, each page also contains a search engine located at the top-right-corner from which you can search for any Enterprise Enabler topic.

And finally, a Glossary of Terms can be accessed with one click on the “Glossary” button at the top menu for easy reference.


To get the maximum advantage from this knowledge base, sections should be covered in the following order:

1.  Main Page

2.  Quick Start

3.  Overview of EE (Overview of Enterprise Enabler Components)

4.  Named Connection Manager

5.  AppComms (Application Communication Handlers)

6.  Source Templates

7.  Destination Templates

8.  Aiis (Active Integration Interface –Maps–)

9.  Processes (Process Designer)

10. EMS (Enterprise Master Service)

11. Deployment Manager

12. Process Monitor

13. Security Manager

14. Add-in Managers

15. IIM (Integration Integrity Manager)

16. Glossary

17. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

18. Troubleshooting

19. Enterprise Enabler AppComm APIs

20. Event Log