Logging into Enterprise Enabler


User Login Breakdown:

  • User ID: This field will initially display the User ID of the last user to sign into Enterprise Enabler. Type your User ID in this field if it is not the one showing.

  • Password : Type your password in this field, this field will display an ‘ * ‘ character for each character you type in this field.

  • System : This window will display the system from which the user is chosen (e.g. NT Domain user, LDAP user or Enterprise Enabler user).

  • Server : This window will display the server from where the web services are run, this will be the server used by Enterprise Enabler. And it can also be changed before logging in.

  • User Login Status: This window will display the status of the login process

  • Cancel : This button will cancel the User Login procedure.

  • OK : This button will validate your User ID and Password.


How to Login to Enterprise Enabler:

1. Enter the User ID.

2. Enter the User’s Password.

3. Choose a system to which the user belongs.

4. Choose a server from where the web services are run.

5. Click OK.

If either the User ID or the Password is not correct, then the message “Invalid Login Information” will appear.


Repeat steps 1-5 to login by entering the correct User ID and Password. This process of reentering the parameters can be done only two consecutive times.

Note: The User ID and Password are Case sensitive and Case sensibility is vital in logging into the Enterprise Enabler.