EMS (Enterprise Master Service)

Our Enterprise Master Service (EMS) Designer creates virtual data definitions. These definitions allow for data to be consumable by applications, databases or devices. EMS Definitions support secure write-back to any back-end system. This provides out of the box data federated live from multiple sources and packaged for virtual consumption as a web service (SOAP, JSON, REST, OData), as ADO.NET, JDBC, ODBC, and as an External List for SharePoint BCS. This is all accomplished without staging or programming, and without limitations to XML or Web Services.

To create a new EMS Definition, you first need to have a Source Template or an Aii (map). The EMS Designer can create read and write-back Aiis (maps) from Source Templates. You can also use your customized Aiis (maps) to create EMS Definitions.

To access the EMS Designer and start a new EMS Definition, go to the File menu –> New –> EMS Definition.

EMS Designer

For instructions on how to create an EMS Definition, click on the tutorial link in the menu located on the right-hand side of the screen –>