Destination Templates

The Template Designer is a powerful graphical interface that allows users to establish data connections. Using the Template Designer, a user can create reusable EE components for connectivity to either data sources or data destinations. Templates store metadata (data about data) information based upon its graphical configuration. The internal data layout is represented by Blocks, which is analogous to a relational table. Each block will contain the actual data columns associated with a data source. When deployed to the server, each template configuration describes the type of data, the data location, access instructions and the selection criteria needed to retrieve the data.

Destination Templates are a useful tool responsible for establishing tailored connections to data destinations and allowing for the writing and updating of data.

To get started creating a Destination Template, go to the File menu –> New –> Template –> Destination Template. And click on the AppComm of your choice. Although you get the option to enter the destination connection credentials when you create a new destination template, we recommend you use a named connection, it allows for more flexibility on your template.

Enterprise Enabler can connect to virtually any data destination. The AppComms available through the File menu (File –> New –> Source/Destination Template –> AppComm) in EE are only a few of the most popular data connection types available to you. Should you need an AppComm not listed there, please contact the Stone Bond Technologies team for availability under your plan.

For instructions on how to create Destination Templates, just click on the Destination Template tutorial that you wish to go over from the links on the right-hand side menu. –>>