The Object Deployment Manager deploys Enterprise Enabler objects to any target Enterprise Enabler server. This may be the same machine on which you are currently developing or a remote server. You can easily deploy new process components by simply dragging them from the Workspace/Server pane to the Server pane. (Use the same procedure to refresh previously deployed server objects).

To open the Deployment Manager just go to the Server menu and click on Deployment Manager.

Deployment Manager

NOTE: Different objects in EE work differently after being deployed. Services in EMS Definitions start running as soon as the EMS Definition is deployed. Services in Processes however, do not start running right after being deployed, they start running after the process is enabled in the Process Manager. Please refer to the Process Manager section at the top menu to learn about the Process Monitor.

For instructions on how to deploy EE objects click on the tutorial link in the menu located on the right-hand side of the screen –>.