Named Connection Manager

(Formerly knows as “AppComm Connection Manager”)

The Named Connection Manager in Enterprise Enabler allows the user to create and modify named connections. Named Connections can be reused throughout Enterprise Enabler by any AppComm of the same kind as any given named connection.

To access the AppComm Connection Manager go to Tools –> Named Connection Manager.


By default, Enterprise Enabler comes with the following connection types: DB2, CRM, Oracle, SalesForce, SAP, SQL, and TeraData. More connection types can be added through the AppComms Manager in the template menu.

By creating a Named Connection, you will be able to to easily reuse the connection and change the connection details all in one place. To create a named connection, just right-click on the desired connection type, click on New. Fill out the necessary information, Test your connection, and Save your connection.


The following example shows how to create an SQL Named Connection:

a)  Go to the Tools menu -> Named Connection Manager.

b)  When the AppComm Connection manager opens, right click on SQL-ADONET and select New from the drop down menu.

c)  Enter the information below in the corresponding fields:

Category Name: “yourCategoryName”

Datasource: <server name>\”databaseName”

Initial Catalog: “yourInitialDatabaseCatalog”

Name: connNorthwind

Password: “yourPassword”

Timeout: 5

User ID: “yourUserName”

SQL Conn Details

d)  Click on the Test Connection button. The message area at the bottom of the AppComm Connection Manager will display a “Test Connection Result: Successful” message.

e)  Save the connection by clicking on the Save Connection button at the bottom of the Connections window.

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