About Enterprise Enabler

Stone Bond Technologies provides software that synchronizes business strategy and process through information access. Enterprise Enabler® (EE) removes all technical barriers between business units so that any data in any format can be viewed, shared, and handled, with a technology that renders traditional approaches obsolete. It reduces the risk of data inconsistencies and misrouted information within your organization by delivering an advanced, patent-pending solution. With its exceptional graphical interface and its Integration Integrity Manager (IIM), you can configure, modify, and manage your corporate data flows and systems without programming.

The primary focus of EE is to solve the application integration issues for a company so that all corporate data flows are configured, modified, and managed by one system, with literally no programming required. EE is scalable so that it can handle anything from one interface between two applications to managing a complete environment for corporate data.  It can run in argumentative speech about nature vs nurture essay writers uk conjunction with a messaging communication platform —— such as TIBCO, IBM MQ-Series, Microsoft MQ, etc. —— or it can handle the data transport itself.

EE has its roots firmly set in handling the information needs of corporate application environments. In a few easy steps, you can build a consolidated view of your enterprise data, integrate applications, or move data to other application systems by directly connecting ERP and other large-scale systems so that information is used and managed in a consistent fashion, thus data access and reporting becomes faster and more accurate.

All transformations begin at the Source(s). EE provides the ability to create templates of your source data that can be shared across your organization when it is important to use information in a consistent manner across applications. EE provides the ability to define “Source of Record” data and provide the ability to “sanction” data across your information systems. EE also provides the mechanism to create destination templates to insure that information is stored, displayed and reported properly.

Once source and destination templates are created, EE has many innovative features that allow you to “map” and transform your data from the source to its final destination(s). Maps define the relationships between source and destination templates, and they can be executed manually, or scheduled to run at specified intervals in your environment.

Data flow, analysis, monitoring, and validation tools are available, as well as modules and utilities for managing an entire integrated corporate environment. For example, results can be previewed to insure the integrity of the transformation and to analyze intermediate results before committing to the change.

EE’s Integration Integrity Manager is strategic and the key component in your corporate information systems environment. It provides a completely automated mechanism to capture changes in your information systems, provide notification of the changes to your process and business owners, and perform impact analysis resulting in an unparalleled process of reliably managing your application environments.

Of course, Security controls what any user is privileged to do with EE.